Saturday, February 11, 2012

etsy find

I'm sure I'm not the only one to spend my Saturday mornings browsing etsy and getting lost in the abyss that is vintage goodness. I have a feeling it's quite addictive to quite a few of us. I sort of feel like a drug dealer supplying her clients by giving you all this link. I promise it's good for hours of perusal & if you were planning on being productive today you might wanna steer clear.

You can find the links to all these items over here but don't get your hopes up too much as a lot of them have already been sold. Enjoy!

Photo of a big bunny  rabbit!


  1. THESE ARE ALL SO LOVELY! Goodbye productive Saturday :)

  2. That black and white jumper is awesome!

  3. i'd like to hae all of that! sometimes i have to tell myself that i'm not even allowed to look at etsy, otherwise i'd spend two hours just window shopping without realizing how much time had passed!