Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

I haven't shared it with you all yet but everybody that has come within a 10m radius of me over the past few months will have heard about my new found love for Barcelona.

I don't know what it is about the city but I just keep gravitating towards it when trying to decide where to travel (not that I'm going anywhere soon, unfortunately). I'm planning on spending a year in Europe once I matriculate, probably au-pairing or picking apples or doing whatever odd end jobs I can find.

These images by Sara Álvarez where taken in and around Barcelona (the lucky girl lives there).

P.S. if any of you know the tumblr theme Sara used please let me know I'm desperately looking for something similar to that to showcase my photos.


  1. gorgeous , dreamy pics.

    I would love to go to Barcelona one day.

    Have a lovely day x

    Ps - I updated my movie list (the one you just commented on)

  2. PPS - I really like visiting your blog - its so pretty

  3. I love Barcelona, particularly for Gaudi's architecture!


  4. Barcelona es una ciudad especial! Loved the week I spent there two summers ago.

    - hasta luego, Min.

  5. love this post, the photos are stunning! it's immaculately breezy!

  6. Spain has such a rich culture. You should totally travel and visit these sites. I haven't yet visited Europe, but my wife and i plan on touring Greece within the next few years!