Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I had a dove

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

I had a dove and the sweet dove died;
And I have thought it died of grieving:
O, what could it grieve for? Its feet were tied,
With a silken thread of my own hand's weaving;
Sweet little red feet! why should you die -
Why should you leave me, sweet bird! why?
You liv'd alone in the forest-tree,
Why, pretty thing! would you not live with me?
I kiss'd you oft and gave you white peas;
Why not live sweetly, as in the green trees?
John Keats

I know the picture & poem have nothing in common but I liked them both and wanted to share (:


  1. i think the picture is beautiful. i love the softness of it.

  2. i think they go together in a beautifully odd way. love it.

    xo Alison

  3. there both beautiful and wistful
    i love keats' words

    lovely blog you have


  4. They give off the same wistful, soft, a little sad vibe. Keats is awesome.

  5. I love that photo! Is that you, or did you take that picture? It's beautiful.

    Interesting poem. It's sad yet sweet at the same time.

  6. Well both are very beautiful, even if they don't match :)


  7. Very beautiful :) John Keats is my absolute favourite poet <3

    Have you watched Bright Star?


  8. @Christine: The photo isn't mine, click on it to find the photographer's flickr.

    @Caron: Yes I have! It has to be one of my all time favourites!