Friday, July 9, 2010

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Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

I'm quite annoyed at the moment.
Last week I went to the bank to get a new account up and running, one that would specifically work with etsy, and now I find out that they still gave me the wrong type of account after spending about three hours there.

I'll find a way to get things sorted but I'll do that tomorrow. Right now I'm going to make a mixtape of all my favourite happy songs & let music work it's magic to get me back to my cheerful self.

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  2. i love those pictures!!!

    and you can tell its film too


  3. Yay for happy songs! :) Good luck.

  4. that's a shame ! Go make that mixtape, i'm sure it'll cheer you up.
    Love your blog so much, it's very lovely.
    Following :)

  5. wow these pictures are great! awesome blog : )

  6. bunny in a hood! dude, that is so freakin' cute.