Monday, December 21, 2009

letters to crushes


I am infatuated with you. You are everything I’ve always wanted wrapped up in cardigans and scarves.

— me

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

adorable boy,

I have this daydream where you’ll help me in something school related, and you’ll pretty much save my academic life, and it will be a success. And I’ll tell you that I love you so much at that moment, and you’ll think that I’m just saying that because you helped me, but I’ll really mean it in more than one way. And then I’ll buy you ice cream and tell you how amazing you are. And then I’ll kiss you and you’ll kiss me back, and you’ll taste of chocolate chip cookie dough.

I must say, it’s a rather sweet daydream. Sweeter than that ice cream in my fridge. I think you should help me turn this fantasy into reality.

— cheesy girl

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

the most immature boy ever,

i have been trying to get you to be my pillow because i like it when my head fits along your shoulder. so stop trying to play it cool. i also like it when you roll on the floor in the school hallway and make explosion noises and pretend that we’re fighting. i like that when we walk to the bus stop you play close attention to what i say and then remember little things that i forget. and today when i got on the bus and you got on yours, and you waved hi to me while they passed each other - that gave me a huge smile.

can we just make explosion noises together? and take the same bus? and lie on each others shoulders when we need to sleep? i know i have been dying to do that for a long time.

— bus stop girl

ps. i like that you enjoy history class and know random facts about wars. let’s be history nuts together.

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

little prince,

it is dark and pictures are flashing on the big, glossy screen in front of us and i pretend i know what’s going on in the movie and i pretend i’m not wondering what you’re thinking and i pretend i’m not begging for your elbow to do that annoying thing where it takes all of the armrest and leaves none for me. i’m pretending i don’t want to be one of those people who sits in movie theatres just kissing and i’m pretending i don’t want you to do the cheesy thing where you yawn and put your arm around me.

i call you pretentious, but i’m a little hypocrite. can you do that yawning thing now please?

— princess j

letters to crushes says "if you're not going to tell them... may as well tell everyone."

pictures via notebook doodles

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  1. This is just so cute. I feel like a teenager again.